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Organic Biryani Masala
Organic Biryani Masala
Organic Biryani Masala
Organic Biryani Masala
Organic Biryani Masala
Organic Biryani Masala
Organic Biryani Masala
Organic Biryani Masala
Organic Biryani Masala

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Organic Biryani Masala

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Enhance the flavors of your biryani dishes with Organic Biryani Masala, a blend of organic spices sourced from certified organic farms. Made with care and expertise, this masala is crafted without the use of synthetic additives or preservatives, ensuring pure and authentic taste. Each jar of Organic Biryani Masala is a testament to the richness and quality that organic farming practices bring to your culinary creations.

Organic Biryani Masala is a carefully balanced blend of aromatic spices, carefully selected to create the perfect flavor profile for your biryani. With its unique combination of spices, it adds depth, richness, and a hint of warmth to your dishes. Whether you're making vegetable biryani, chicken biryani, or any other variation, this masala is the secret ingredient that elevates your biryani to new heights.

By choosing Organic Biryani Masala, you not only enjoy the authentic taste but also embrace the benefits of organic farming. Add Organic Biryani Masala to your spice collection and unlock the flavors that will make your biryani truly unforgettable.


  • Sourced from certified organic farms, ensuring purity and authenticity
  • Crafted without synthetic additives or preservatives
  • Balanced blend of aromatic spices
  • Enhances the flavors of biryani dishes


  • Adds depth, richness, and warmth to biryani
  • Elevates the taste profile of your culinary creations
  • Made with organic spices for a pure and authentic experience
  • Free from synthetic additives, preservatives, and artificial flavors


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Shelf Life

  • Shelf life: 09 months from the date of packaging
  • Storage: Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight
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